5 Innocents Burned Alive by Illegal Alien: LA Officials – ‘Whatever’

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California is working overtime to turn itself into MexiFornia. The state government, run by Democrats with no interference from Republicans, is doing everything possible to welcome illegal aliens into their welfare haven.

The Obama administration is doing their part by refusing to deport illegals.

Donald Trump was absolutely right when he said this…


Murders by illegal aliens who had been previously deported multiple times are so common that they’re seldom reported outside the local news.

There was another incident last week where an illegal alien murdered five people in Los Angeles. This one made the national news simply because of the numbers. There’s nothing unusual about this case.

Johnny Sanchez is a 21-year-old illegal alien from Honduras. He was arrested in 2012 for illegally entering California but since he had no criminal history or previous immigration violations Barack Obama’s Immigration and Customs “Enforcement” cut him loose on the streets of LA. He was ordered to report regularly to immigration authorities but for reasons unknown to the federal bureaucracy he never showed up and deportation proceedings never began.

Fast-forward to January of this year. Sanchez was arrested for domestic abuse and released. He was arrested for drug possession in May and released. He was arrested again on June 8 for drug possession and released.

Two weeks later he set a fire in in an abandoned building and five people ended up dead. The dead were part of Los Angeles’ homeless community who lived in the abandoned building. Los Angeles, like most major cities, doesn’t bother with abandoned buildings. They’re too busy making sure the transgender community has bathrooms.

Sanchez is being held on five counts of murder, prosecutors haven’t decided whether to seek the death penalty. It is California, and since Sanchez is 21 he probably won’t live long enough to be executed.

This is more blood on the hands of the “no borders” Obama administration and their enablers on the Republican side of the aisle like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, oh heck, the whole Republican Establishment. I really wish Los Angeles prosecutors would charge them in these murders. They deserve the charges every bit as much as Johnny Sanchez, if they had just done their job, Sanchez wouldn’t have been here to set that fire in those five victims would still be alive.

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