23-Year-Old Female Banned From All National Parks For Doing THIS…

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Some people can be so stupid, especially when it comes to posting things on social media. Criminals are often caught for committing a crime and then posting it on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube for their friends to see. Are they THAT gullible to think their friends are the only ones who will ever see that post? I guess Casey Nocket was.

A woman was banned from all national parks and federally administered land – more than a fifth of the United States – after defacing rock formations with graffiti and posting evidence of her crimes to social media.


Casey Nocket, 23, was also sentenced to 200 hours of community service and will pay a monetary fine to be determined at a hearing in December.

The San Diego woman documented her art on rock features on social media as she traveled across the US.

Over a 26-day period in 2014 she damaged formations at seven national parks by drawing or painting on them with acrylic paint and markers, signing her works with her social media handle ‘Creepytings.’


The defendant’s defacement of multiple rock formations showed a lack of respect for the law and our shared national treasures,’ said acting U.S. Atty. Phillip A. Talbert, according to the Los Angeles Times.

‘The National Park Service has worked hard to restore the rock formations to their natural state, completing clean-up efforts in five of the seven national parks.’

‘They expect to complete clean-up efforts at Death Valley and at Crater Lake national parks as weather permits.’

Among the parks she targeted were Death Valley and Yosemite National Parks in California, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Zion National Park in Utah and Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.


But after proudly posting her work on Instagram, she provoked outrage on social media and was later arrested.

Hey Casey!

First: Don’t do the crime…if you can’t do the time.

Second: Seriously? Did you really think your post on Instagram would NOT be shared? What rock are you living under?

Finally: Did you really think because you are an artist that gives you the right to deface National Parks with graffiti? UNREAL! Enjoy your 200 hours of community service!

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