White Person at Anti-Trump protest Wants to “Kill Whitey?”

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This is another in our continuing episodes of “Donald Trump was right.” No matter what you think about his positions on all variety of issues, Trump certainly has a knack for making the right enemies. I’ve always believed that it was easier to tell who a man really is by his enemies rather than his friends. “Friends” can be bought.

It’s another day, another Donald Trump speech, and another bunch of complete nut balls showing up to whine.

This particular rally, while it did have its usual contingent of Mexican flags and people who most likely can’t speak English, had one participant who should be put in a white jacket and hauled off. You’ll enjoy this.

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“Kill Whitey?”  I would suggest he start with himself.  Why are the anti-Trump loons such racists?

Social media lit these up.

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Donald Trump makes all the right enemies.

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