Social Media Goes Berserk After Seeing What Parents Did With Baby In Water [VIDEO]

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This shocking video has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. After witnessing what parents did with their 6-month-old daughter’s feet, people are crying child abuse.

Their little girl had a life vest on, not to mention adults surrounding her. What do people expect when Zyla’s parents are professional barefoot water skiers? Would you say it’s safe to assume that when it comes to the water her parents know what they’re doing? A video was posted from them below, Zila goes 700 feet on the Florida lake!


The lake waters and baby Zyla were both calm as the world’s youngest water skier’s parents put her on the special skis on two separate occasions for the “controversial” video. The 30-inch, 20-pound infant, sporting a pink and purple life jacket, managed to stand upright on the skis, which were connected by a piece of wood, and she held on to an attached handlebar, which is normally used for skiers with mobility issues.

With her father driving the boat at a low speed of 7 mph, Zyla water skied for 62 feet on Lake Silver, May 20th, and a whopping distance of 686.4 feet on the calm waters of Lake Grew the following day. Surprisingly, father Keith says that his daughter could have gone even further had the boat not reached the end of the water, according to Daily Mail. “We had to stop,” he explained. “Otherwise, she would have gone a lot longer.”

Although adults were lined up in the lake on either side of Zyla as she rode the skis until she got further out onto the lake, at which time her father explains that he pulled the boat’s 30-foot line in closer and slowed the boat down as Zyla went further, people are still troubled by the video. St Onge admits, “If I would have known she was going much longer, I would have had more people lined up,” but he also adds that when she finally sank into the water at the end of the ride, he jumped in and was by her side in a matter of seconds. “She barely, barely got her head wet,” he explained. Still, some are none too happy with the parents’ actions.

Commenters have decided to throw in their two-cents on the professional water skiers’ parenting choices. While some congratulated Zyla’s incredible achievement, others scolded her parents, accusing them of child endangerment. “I think this borders on child abuse,” one poster boldly stated, while another accused the parents of a “sick publicity stunt that put an infant at risk,” adding that they “hope the child welfare authorities come down hard on these parents.”

People need to mind their own business when it comes to others’ parenting decisions. There is nothing more maddening than a nosey Nancy coming along to add her 2 cents to your parenting skills. Zyra’s parents realized the video would be controversial when they posted it, but they still stand behind their decision, saying that when it’s done properly in a controlled environment, that it’s safe. Do you agree with this families decision? Let’s not forget people give babies swim lessons all the time, this isn’t much different. Not to mention, she was a lot safer than most kids will be in their own pool this summer. We need to stop putting our kids in a bubble so that nothing bad can happen to them, or so they don’t get dirty. Kids are messy and they will get hurt! Get used to it or get used to A LOT of stress.


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