WATCH… mans WORST NIGHTMARE comes true while he’s sitting on the toilet!

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Ever check the toilet for spiders before you sit on it? I certainly do, and now as if being scared of spiders wasn’t enough, we get to throw giant man-eating snakes into the mix. This poor unsuspecting fellow was relaxing on the john when, all of the sudden, he felt the sharp searing sting of pain rear its ugly fangs on the tip of his penis.

He screamed out for his wife while desperately trying to free himself from the 11ft python. Just before he collapsed from massive amounts of blood loss he managed to fasten a rope around the snakes head and secure it to the bathroom floor.


But he was rushed to hospital after suffering horrific blood loss in the ordeal.

Footage shows emergency crews trying to ease the python out of pipes under the toilet and using hammers to smash it free.
The reptile was then made safe and placed in a bag ahead of being released back in wild, according to Bangpakong News.

There are reports that the snake had swum up pipes to the house before emerging in the bathroom. According to the Mirror Atthaporn is in a stable condition in hospital.




A PYTHON?! How did he not see this coming? He was just dangling the bait waiting for a bite. Come on, he lived in Thailand, I’m sure the plumbing there is sketchy. There are to many stories like this to not check the toilet before you use it….


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