In the War on Women, Ted Kennedy Still Has the Only Confirmed Kill:

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As man was landing on the moon in 1969, Ted Kennedy was busy landing Mary Jo Kopechne to her death in the Chappaquiddick.

There have been many movies about the moon landing, now there will be one about the Ted Kennedy  Chappaquiddick drama!

The film will chronicle the Ted Kennedy scandal that took place in July 1969 when he left a party on Chappaquiddick with Kopechne, and drove his car into the river, and then left her to die!

As man was landing on the moon in 1969, Ted Kennedy was busy landing Mary Jo Kopechne to her death in the Chappaquiddick.

The question now remains, with most of them gone, do the Kennedy’s still have enough clout to kill it before it ever gets to the screen?

The Boston Herald reports:

Although Ted Kennedy never became the Leader of the Free World, the late senator apparently had enough clout to kill an earlier attempt to make a film about the scandal. Back in 1992, casting had begun for a film called “Death at Chappaquiddick,” and a start date was announced. The film never got off the ground. (Insert conspiracy theory here.)

And in 2011, two years after the senator’s death, the History channel pulled the plug on “The Kennedys,” a big-budget miniseries about the clan starring Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear after family loyalists slammed it as historically inaccurate. The producer of the series said at the time that History deep-sixed the project for “political reasons.” (The miniseries eventually aired on the formerly low-profile Reelz channel, where it was nominated for 10 Emmys.)

Clearly, if Ted Kennedy were still alive, the new Chappaquiddick flick would have a tough go making it to the megaplexes. The question is, does the clan and its coterie have the power to stop it?

My guess is that this time it will make it!

Ted Kennedy basically got away with homicide.

After leaving the scene, swimming to shore, and not reporting the accident for nine hours, Ted Kennedy left Kopechne to die in that car.

I am all for forgiveness, especially for the mistakes made in our youth, but there are also consequences and Ted Kennedy had very few. I think it is high time America got to see the truth!

National Lampoon's fake VW Beetle ad mocking the Ted Kennedy incident
National Lampoon’s fake VW Beetle ad mocking the Ted Kennedy incident

John Farrar, who discovered Mary Jo Kopechne’s body in the Olds in July of 1969, was interviewed 25 years later. Very interesting info on how Ted Kennedy actually got away with this drunk driving incident!


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