VOTD: When Holding Up a Store, Check Behind You For Marines.

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I’m not condoning crime or seriously giving any thug advice – but don’t bring a knife to a Marines fight.

When planning a robbery, top of the list should be “look around for any large Marines.”

Just sayin’ … WATCH:

H/T to <a href=”http://bestsourceoffun.com/robber-gets-stopped-by-marine/” target=”_blank”>BestSourceOfFun</a>

The incident happened last month in Midlothian. Police say Dylan Bearden, 19, tried to rob an Exxon station. He reportedly pushed Gaskey aside, pulled out a knife and demanded money.

That’s when Gaskey took matters into his own hands. He grabbed Bearden and threw him to the ground, holding him there until police arrived.

Bearden faces aggravated robbery charges.

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