Violence Erupts as Bernie’s Delegates are Disqualified in Nevada [VIDEO]

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The major media are having a field day talking about how the Republican Party is coming apart at the seams and they’re ignoring the REAL meltdown.  That would be the Democrats and how Bernie Sanders has split their party in a real way.

Let’s be clear, lots of Republicans don’t like Donald Trump.  The reality however, is that come the convention Republicans will be pretty much united behind Trump as the standard bearer.  Sure there will be some outliers, but they won’t have much of an impact.

Bernie’s supporters, on the other hand, are looking like they’re going to recreate Chicago 1968 if Hillary muscles her way into the nomination.

Here’s what happened in Nevada at their state convention:

The hypocrisy of Boxer is amazing, calling for civility in a Party that supports the murder of 60 million unborn children.

The state Party, under the control of Hillary’s criminal empire, disqualified 64 of Bernie’s delegates and walked off with seven of the 12 convention delegates still up for grabs.  They ignored a motion from the floor and slammed a vote through to steal the delegates from Bernie.  “We have the votes, we have victory.”

It just got better from there.

Fist fights broke out and the Clinton crime family called in hotel security and the sheriffs who were there for security.

“Leave in an orderly fashion we don’t want to arrest people!”

It’s looking more and more like the Democratic National Convention will be a replay of Chicago 1968.

Bring it on!

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