“Hyperloop” Crashes After 5 Seconds In the Desert [VIDEO]


Elon Musk, the guy who owns Tesla Motors, is trying to build a “hyperloop”. If you’ve not heard of the hyperloop it’s a little bit like a train except it runs in a pipe and it’s supposed to go 750 miles an hour. Musk wants to build one of these things to take passengers between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

They ran their first test in the Nevada desert this week, sending a sled down the track at speeds over 100 miles an hour. It crashed into a pile of sand. Here’s what it looked like.


The completed hyperloop, which Musk says will be ready by 2021, will carry passengers in low-pressure tubes using electromagnets. The company hopes to carry out a full system test before the end of the year.

This is a transportation system that, at least for now is not using government money.

In other California transportation news, the high-speed rail project connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles that liberals won’t let run along the coastline is reportedly behind schedule and well over budget.

I’m shocked.

California voters stupidly approved a $33 billion bond issue for the high-speed rail project seven years ago. Before they broke ground on the first link of the train to nowhere the cost had jumped to $68 billion. If they finish this turkey you can expect it to come in at well over $100 billion.

Of course, like every other rail system in the country, the state of California will lose money on every passenger that rides on high-speed rail.

It is California, of course.

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