[VIDEO] Distraught Mom Watches Cruise Ship Sail Away With Her Children

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A desperate mom was filmed on April 21 as she dropped to her knees when the Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship in the Bahamas left her and her husband behind with their three children on board.

The cruise ship was ready to depart for New York when the woman’s husband noticed his wife was not aboard.

He went to look for her, leaving their three children on board with their uncle. Having already waited 30 minutes, the ship’s horn blew as it sailed off. The couple tried racing back to the cruise ship but it was too late.

The cruise line responded: “The ship went beyond normal protocol and waited an additional half hour. It was decided the husband would disembark with their travel documents to wait for his wife.”

While I understand the feeling of watching your kids leave as you are left behind, it is pretty simple:

Be on time!

Every Cruise Ship and their crews have a rule: "If you miss the ship, the joke’s on you."

Every cruise ship and their crews have a rule:  “If you miss the cruise ship, the joke’s on you.”

It has to be! People miss the cruise ship, an airplane, even a bus all the time. If they made a patter of waiting on late passengers, kids or no kids, they would never be on time!

If I had been the captain, I would not have waited the 30 minutes. There were 4,000 passengers on board this cruise ship.

The cruise ship makes it VERY CLEAR when you depart that you MUST be on time.

We do not know the circumstances on why this woman was late to the cruise ship, but it is obvious that she pushed it to the last minute or at the least, too close.

Be prepared. Especially when your kids are involved.

The Cruise Ship makes it VERY CLEAR when you depart that you MUST be on time.

DailyMail reports:

Raphael Giacardi, Travelzoo’s cruise expert, said passengers almost missing their ships after a day at port are a more common sight than most people might think

He said they even have a name: pier runners.

Giacardi told MailOnline Travel: ‘These are generally a source of amusement for people already on board who cheer them on as they sweat their way back to the ship.

Read the rest of the cruise ship article at DailyMail, it is excellent!

The moment that a passenger “Misses the boat”, pun intended, they are responsible for all costs to get home, and should be!


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