13 Unreal Words Spoken by Convicted Killer Seconds Before He’s Silenced By Lethal Injection [Video]


Daniel Lucas and a friend were out burglarizing homes one afternoon in 1998 and the door opened and in walked 11-year-old Brian Moss. Lucas shot him and murdered him.

Lucas and his friend went about their business and a little while later his 15-year-old sister walked in the door. They shot and murdered her. They continued about their business.

3 Injection 1

A few minutes later their father came home and guess what? That’s right. Lucas and his friend murdered the father as well.

They wrapped up their business and drove off into the sunset.

That evening the wife and mother of the two dead children and their father walked in the door and her life changed forever.

Lucas’ friend and coworker was executed in 2010. Because Daniel Lucas was 19 at the time of the crime is attorneys appealed his death sentence because of his age. An age, incidentally, that neither of the Moss children lived to see.


Last week, appeals exhausted, Lucas was executed. Before he died he said, “I would like to say I’m sorry to Mrs. Moss and the family.”

I think that moment was captured perfectly in this twitter conversation.

3 Injection 2

Lucas got what he deserved. He won’t be missed. Brian, his sister, and their father, are missed every day.

May the family rest in peace. Lucas? Not so much.

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