Veterans Deserve Every Tenderness

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I had $.50 cents in my pocket which is exactly what the machine in front of the A and B grocery store takes. I was on my way to pick up my volunteer pass for the NAIA World Series; I will be taking tickets later this afternoon.  Jesus told me to grab a Pepsi on the way to the ball park and I made mine a Wild Cherry.

There ain’t nothing wrong with the U S of A folks. Sure, you got your bankers, politicians, and military weapon pushers trying to muck things up. They have been at it for a while, and may be at it for a while longer yet. But as Dr. King pronounced, “I have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.” In other words anything false must eventually pass away.


In America; those who like to fight can find people to fight with, those who like to pray can find churches to go to. You can oppress others, fight for the oppressed, take any drug you want to take, or raise a family.  You can get ahead in life, drop out of life and live by what ever gender you believe suits you. This is the, “Home of the Free.”

It has been a great day so far. I went down to the gas station this morning looking for some snipes to smoke; I ran into a buddy who was happy to give me some tobacco and some rolling papers. I like roll your owns–as they force me to slow down a little and simply enjoy what’s going on around me.

War has arisen in our country many times throughout our relatively short history. Regardless of what you think of our most recent endeavors, those who serve suffer both physically and emotionally. They are our veterans and we honor them with ceremony this Monday.

They deserve every type of tenderness and support we can give them. Many end up on the streets continuing to fight past traumas in their minds, trusting no one.

As I said, this is a free country. But I think that freedom does come with some responsibility. Christ said the same thing about us humans; we are to love and care for each other. Some veterans have wounds they can not hide; scars, burns, and missing limbs. I avoided seeing those wounds for much of my life, I thought my heart could not bare them. I have learned the heart can bare anything, must bare everything if it is to live in freedom. The free heart is happy to suffer with others.

FIRST THEM CAME FOR Graphic #2 homeless vet

It is good to enjoy camping and baseball, relaxation and joy are needed in these stress provoking times. However, if you are the praying type, say some prayers for the veterans, spend some time thinking about their sacrifices, shed a tear. If you are bold, visit a veteran’s hospital or a veteran you know, and share in their suffering. It is what makes us truly human and servants of the most high. If you are a hero; look them in the eyes, see whatever pain maybe going on in there and greet it with love.

Hobo John here. I love you with everything that I have; that is my heart song and the truth of things.

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