Two Go in the Cage: Only One Comes Out…

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Ed Rollin’s wrote an interesting piece recently about the Election of 2016 and the “cage fight” we are about to witness.

In this corner representing the Republican Party is Donald Trump!

Trump is the guy whom the “wise men” said earlier wasn’t going to run, wouldn’t file his financial disclosure forms and couldn’t survive close scrutiny of his version of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

He certainly couldn’t survive a drawn-out campaign or a brokered convention.

And having insulted every past nominee of his party and just about every elected Republican, there was no way he could put it together and unify the party.


Nobody loved Trump but the voters. And they couldn’t get enough of him in debates or the thousands of appearances he made on cable or network television.

Now, after the results Tuesday night in Indiana, with Ted Cruz suspending his campaign, Trump has won and gets to remake the Republican Party in his own image.

That’s the facts, folks. The convention is now his show. The platform is now for him to write. The rest of the establishment can “kiss his ring” or his “rear” and he doesn’t care.

All that’s left for him to conquer is the presumed Democratic nominee, Secretary Hillary Clinton…

I agree, it will be an interesting battle. I also agree with Rollins when he says:

“Hillary will have generations of political operatives in her corners, trying to move up the food chain to a coveted West Wing office. She will have unlimited funds to spend, and a very talented politician in her corner, her hubby, Big Bill Clinton, the bad boy of politics, but still the most gifted strategist of my generation.”

Yes, Trump is certainly “tough, media savvy…and has a killer instinct”, but that won’t be enough. He will also need additional funds, more substance to his repertoire, and more experienced policy advisors. All of which I am sure he has planned for and has sitting in the wings.

One thing is for certain, with this match – Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump – it’s about voting for socialism or for free enterprise. Let the match begin. Two go in the cage: only one comes out! Take your seat near the ringside folks and…




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