TSA: A Culture of Retaliation [VIDEO]

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I’m sure you won’t be shocked to discover TSA – along with the Veterans Administration – are the poster agencies for the Obama administration’s vision of how government should work.

The only difference between the two is that so far only the VA is killing people. Of course, since they happen to be killing veterans, and the Obama administration has no use for the military or those who served that’s okay.

Last week a House committee was told by TSA employees – whistleblowers – the poor leadership and culture of retaliation make it impossible for the TSA to address security gaps at airports.


The head of the TSA, an Obama Gnome by the name of Peter Neffenger, has previously promised protection to whistleblowers but those speaking out on Wednesday said the workers are afraid to speak up because of retaliation. “… TSA employees are less likely to report operational security threats or relevant issues out of fear of retaliation. No one who reports issues is safe at TSA.”

Sounds just like the VA. The biggest difference is that at the VA top level administrators were patting their bonuses at the cost of veterans lives. No one at the VA has been fired despite conduct that easily fits the definition of depraved indifference homicide. Administrators at the VA, even after the documented deaths of hundreds of veterans, are still harassing whistleblowers and the Obama administration is AWOL.

One of the people testifying at the hearing told committee members that he had been demoted and lost $10,000 from his salary as a reward for reporting a coworker was sexually harassing another employee.

Representative Elisha Cummings, the Obama administration’s faithful flak in the House, cautioned that the panel had not heard from TSA administrators about these allegations. You’ll remember Cummings as the guy who spent the last seven years excusing every Obama administration outrage.

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If you’re a traveler you should just hope that your friendly TSA screener doesn’t decide to take it out on you.

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