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Trump’s Most Likely Pick for Vice-President


The big question now, at least on the Republican side, is who will be Donald Trump’s pick for Vice-President?

Charles Krauthammer addressed that topic with the panelists on Fox News last week and here’s the discussion.

Bob Corker?  Gravitas?  Chris Christie?  Please.  John “Let’s give everybody free healthcare and I’m for amnesty” Kasich?  I’ll withhold comment, it’s a family site.

Charles is right, he should stay out of casinos.

I’d like to see Sarah Palin’s name get talked up.  Not because I’d like to see her as Vice-President but because of the heads that would explode. And then there’s Newt Gingrich, that too would cause Washington to go nuclear.

And then there’s the ultimate trifecta (four Charles’ bedding pleasure): Trump in the White House, Palin is Vice-President, and Newt Gingrich as Chief-of-Staff. Then the big question would be, who would be Press Secretary?


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