Trump SLAMS Elizabeth Warren With This One Word

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There’s a lot of talk that Elizabeth Warren will be Hillary’s running mate.  She’s got everything the Hildebeast could want in a partner.

She’s farther left than Bernie Sanders and that could bring the Bernie crowd into the fold for November.  She’s got a very long history of race baiting and lying.  She got her job at Harvard based on a claim that she was a “Native American.”  That’s long been proven to be a lie and she’s never been held accountable.  Democrats don’t care if you lie about your race.

In an interview several months ago with Maureen Doud of the New York Times, Trump was asked what he thought of Warren.  He responded, “You mean Pocahontas?”

That laid the groundwork for ill feelings and a Twitter war.

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That’s just a sample.  Faucahauntis likely has multiple staff dedicated to firing off Tweets at Trump.

As you would expect, Trump isn’t taking this lying down.

5 Indian TW2

It’s going to be a long, hot summer and don’t expect the volume to ratchet down for a moment.  It’s war.  My money is on the “the bully.”

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