Trump: New Islamic Mayor of London “Needs IQ Test” [VIDEO]

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There’s an ongoing squabble between Donald Trump and the new Muslim Mayor of London.  It seems that the Mayor has taken offense at Trump’s idea of shutting off terrorist immigration into the U.S.

Mayor Khan complained that if Trump is elected the Mayor would be banned from coming to the United States. I personally don’t see a problem with that.  Khan also noted that Trump’s statements “play into the hands of extremists” without bothering to note what we’ve found out in dealing with Muslims – there are no extremists, only Muslims.

Mayor Khan – and the people of London – have their heads in the sand.  In a recent British poll over two-thirds of Muslims in Britain said they would not pass on information to the government if they knew details of a terror plot.  That makes at least two-thirds of Muslims in Britain terrorists.  I suspect the other third lied to the pollsters.

Liberals are under the misapprehension that Muslims were just “immigrants” and like all immigrants they would assimilate into the culture and take on the values of their new home country.  That isn’t happening in Europe and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Muslims have done nothing but butcher and enslave their neighbors for 1,400 years.  Why should they stop now?

Muslims are opposed to Western values – whether they’re in Britain or the U.S. – and will work to actively subvert society in their host countries.  They want Sharia law to become the law of the land.  Muslims establish a nation within a nation wherever they go, and Barack Obama and Paul Ryan are just fine with that.

The real question is, is it too late?  In Europe, Muslims may eradicate Western society and values.  I have to admit the idea of liberal European women being forced into burkas and banned from driving cars is enticing.  In the U.S. we may still have time, but not if Barack Obama and Paul Ryan have their way.  It’s time – past time – to shut down Muslim immigration and to understand that the Muslims who are already here are not our friends.  They’re not Americans and will never be Americans.  They’re 7th century vandals, nothing more, nothing less.

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