Trump Makes Announcement About Ben Carson

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There’s a lot of speculation right now about who Donald Trump’s running mate will be. A few people have expressed interest, and Trump has mentioned a few names. So far it would appear his mentions are just in passing.

One of the prominent names on the media list for some time has been Dr. Ben Carson, and Donald Trump brought his name up last week.

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Trump told the New York Times that he was going to be setting up a committee to begin vetting potential vice-presidential candidates and that he was probably going to be looking for a seasoned politician.

He told the Times, “I have business very much covered.” And he added, “I think I’ll be absolutely great on the military and military strategy.”

The matter how you feel about Donald Trump he certainly will be better on military and foreign policy than anything we’ve seen over the last seven years. But then again, my dead white cat could do a better job than Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the traitor John Kerry.

Dr. Carson’s name came up when Trump was discussing the committee and he indicated he would probably have Carson on that committee. Trump also delivered some very good news to conservatives when he said that John Kasich is not on his short list. I suspect Trump is smart enough to know that drafting Kasich as his vice-president would keep a lot of Republicans home in November.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Newt Gingrich as Trump’s vice-presidential pick, or at least having very prominent position in a Trump administration.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Trump pick someone who is at least as far from the Republican Establishment as he is. I think one of his missions in this campaign is to drive a big stake through the Republican Establishment’s vampire heart.

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And in that endeavor I wish him all the best.

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