Transgendered Woman strongly OPPOSES Allowing Men Using Women’s Restrooms! [VIDEO]


Jaqueline Andrews, a transgendered woman, strongly disagrees with the new bathroom policies that are sweeping the nation.

“In a time when so many sexual assaults go unreported, we’re telling them that their boundaries don’t matter!”

Andrews says that the correct solution would be a private bathroom for transgendered individuals, protecting the safety of everyone.

Jaqueline Andrews, a transgendered woman, strongly disagrees with the new bathroom policies that are sweeping the nation.

Andrews makes her plea in a newly released film telling the untold story of the new transgendered bathroom policies.

The Alliance Defending Freedom released the video that seeks to combat the move by the Obama and the left to allow men to use women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

“I think it’s time that we care for women and children, that we care for the concerns for women and children, care for the safety of women and children and passing this law is not the way to do it,” Andrews said.

The film shows the horrors that can occur when there are open bathroom and locker room policies. Along with transgendered Andrews, a former YMCA executive, a marriage and family counselor, and a mother with adopted children who have been sexually abused tell the side of the story that the media is ignoring.

Just today, Obama sent out a decree that the public schools must allow boys to have the right to choose which restroom they use, ignoring the privacy rights of little girls all over the country.


There are so many common sense solutions to this issue and the left refuses to take them as they are after an agenda, and it’s not to help transgendered people.

Man Choked 8-Year-Old Girl in Restaurant Bathroom and Carried Her Into the Stall

True transgendered men who live dressed as women have been using women’s restrooms for decades unopposed and without incident. It was not until the left decided to use this issue as a part of an agenda that it became an issue!

The individuals featured in this video speak from firsthand experience dealing with the issue of sexual abuse to explain why opening the women’s restroom to biological men is a harmful policy. To learn more about this issue, visit:

Jaqueline Andrews begins her portion of the video at the 9 minute mark:

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