There’s Now a $60,000 Fine For Not Knowing What a “Transmasculine” Is.

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Leo Soell, a fifth-grade Transmasculine teacher at an Oregon elementary school, is receiving $60,000 to compensate her for “emotional distress.”

She demands her co-workers call her “they” instead of “he” or “she.”

Soell is claiming suffering over the whole insanity! Oh the terror!


While she, yes SHE, claims harassment, a district investigation, which officials have not released, found no proof of harassment.

Officials agreed to a settlement that compensates emotional damages and also agreed to add gender-neutral bathrooms to all schools.

They also decided to create policies about transgender teachers and host mandatory trainings.

The Oregonian reports:

“Soell started teaching at Hall in 2013. That same year, Soell told friends and family that she did not identify as a woman or a man.

Initially Soell didn’t come out at work. Oregon teachers work their first three years on yearlong probationary contracts, so Soell decided to wait for job security before telling administrators.

Then, in November 2014, doctors diagnosed Soell with breast cancer. Surgeons removed Soell’s breasts and performed reconstructive “top surgery” to give Soell a masculine-appearing chest. After chemotherapy, Soell decided to no longer live in hiding.

Soell’s name was changed legally to “Leo,” and Gresham-Barlow administrators were asked to update district records.”


INSANITY!!! This one Transmasculine woman has upset the whole school district for something that should be left out of the school in the first place! “all for her precious feelings!”

Well that tells me this woman is weak and frail, not strong. A strong person would live their Transmasculine lifestyle and throw everything else over their shoulder. A strong person would not let such a thing bother them. A strong person would not put the whole system through this mess just because they want to force their lifestyle on everyone else.

She should be fired. We need teachers of strong character. We need teachers that teach our kids that there will always be people around who will make fun of you so learn to be tough.

Insanity! Transmasculine. My auto-correct does not even know what it is. Fine auto-correct $60,000!


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