Texas Teen Austin Cook Sells Artwork, Does Side Jobs to Fund Rescue of Two Boys in Shelter


Austin Cook, a 14-year-old that lives in Cleburne, Texas, is one of 7 very awesome kids.

Austin is a friend. He and his family has been through more in the last three years than I can even fathom.

But the Cook family are HURDLE JUMPERS! They get knocked down…they get back up again! Nothing is going to keep them down.

Austin Cook, a 14-year-old that lives in Cleburne, Texas. He is one of 7 very awesome kids.

Austin is selling his artwork and raising money to help two other boys that are caught up in the system he was once in.

Visit Austin Cook’s  Facebook Page to send him well-wishes and get information on his artwork.

The donation page that he started to help the Boys: https://www.gofundme.com/xcy5h83b

I have grown to love the Cook family. This one is personal folks! Please help support Austin in his venture!

This one is personal folks! Please help support Austin in his venture!


The Cooks lost their beloved baby brother who was only 4 years old. From that point on, they have lived a nightmare! Austin and his siblings were unfairly taken by Texas CPS and endured physical and sexual abuse.

The Cooks lived through almost two years of an insane abuse story on behalf of Texas Baptist Homes and Texas CPS.

They are winning that war, day by day. The truth is winning! Not only that, the Cook children have learned to make incredible positives out of the negatives! Now Austin and his family spend their time trying to help others.

I will let Austin tell his story:

“My brother was an abuse victim and he went through a lot before my parents adopted him and my little sister, but more importantly my brother was my best friend. When he died I was put into foster care with my brothers and sisters until police and CPS could make sure that my parents did nothing wrong since no one knew why he died. While in foster care I was abused many times by another kid in the home.

When I reported it, no one did anything to stop it. They told me it was ok and to forget about it. It was really hard hearing that and even harder after that same kid started touching my little brother. After 9 months I was allowed to go back to a family friend of my parents and then back into my own home after my parents proved they did nothing wrong. Life was really hard and I hated almost everybody because of what was allowed to happen to me.

But I decided that I wouldn’t let what happened change who God made me to be, instead I decided that I wanted to help other foster kids. Since being home my mom has helped many families and she now has a new one that she is working really hard on.

Read the rest of Austin’s story here.

Read more about it here…and here.

Now Austin wants to help Zachariah 8, and DJ 9, from Burleson, Texas.

The story about the boys and their donation page:

Now the 2 boys are in an emergency shelter located in Lometa, Texas and Austin is working to get them out!

The Carters have been fighting for custody for 2 years now while already in possession of two other grandchildren.

So far Austin has raised $240 from his art, $695 in donations, and $220 from his tutoring and report card rewards. This goes to show that voluntary help among people can get things done, without government intervention and it’s smoother and more heartfelt.

Visit Austin Cook’s  Facebook Page to send him well-wishes and get information on his artwork.

The donation page that he started to help the boys: https://www.gofundme.com/xcy5h83b

Austin’s big brother, Justin Cook tried to help get their story out in the midst of their horrific experience.

In a continuing cover-up by CPS in Texas, Judge Keith Dean ordered the removal Justin’s video that exposed the sexual and physical abuse that he and his brother endured while in CPS foster care.
The video also reveals the 377-day nightmare suffered by him and his six siblings after they were ripped from their loving family and placed in four different foster care facilities out of county. The mother told Breitbart Texas “they are trying to rake this abuse under the rug.”

I am so proud of this family! They never give up! I am confident that these 7 children will become fine Texas adults some day! Y’all rock!

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