State Trooper Learns Huge Lesson About Trump

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Jeremy Yost is a state trooper in West Virginia and last week he was called upon to do security duty at two campaign rallies. One for Bernie Sanders and one for Donald Trump. Trooper Yost learned a valuable lesson and it’s one we should all take to heart.

This is what he posted on his Facebook page.

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Here’s what the Republican Establishment and Democrats will never figure out.

Donald Trump stopped and acknowledged all law enforcement in the hallway and thanked them for being there. It was a very nice change after Sanders bashed Law Enforcement just hours prior in front of the cameras.

For the record there were no cameras around Mr. Trump and he could have walked right past Yost and other officers without acknowledging them, but didn’t.

I agree with State Trooper Jeremy Yost!  It’s time we bring respect back to America!

It’s going to be an interesting summer.

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