Sons Reaction To Mothers Attempt To Have Sex With Him Is Beyond Shocking…

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This kid did more than flip out when his own mother came onto him. He turned full on CRAZY, and said he had to “expel the devil out of her”.

Sosin confessed to the murder of his mother by strangulation. The officers used a mannequin to have him demonstrate how he killed her before repeatedly hitting her in the face. What Is most frustrating is the verdict that the court came to for his “punishment”.




As he described the scene to the investigator, she said he looked at her like a child as he reenacted what happened. The court ruled that he will not face murder charges or go to jail because he has been diagnosed with an unspecified acute mental disorder. Sounds like a made up disease to get out of the consequences of his actions.




‘He went to the investigative analysis only with me. He told us: ‘I will show everything, tell it all, but only if she will be here.’
Ms Novikova-Sosina, whose lifeless body was found lying across the blood-soaked bed, had taken her son to Kazan for treatment for his drugs habit, according to Russian media.
The teenager told police his mother had given him medication, which resulted in hallucinations.
In earlier testimony reported by the Russian media, he said: ‘I had been choking her about half an hour. Satisfied that she had died, I sat on her and began to punch her with all my force.

‘I hit her in the face. There were not less than 20 hits, they were strong.





‘I cried when I hit her, and I was well aware that with my actions I was killing my mother.
‘I bit her into the neck on the right side and felt the blood in my mouth. I saw blood running from my mother’s face from my hits.’
He was quoted as saying: ‘I killed my mother. What have I done? Now my little sister is left without a mother. I shall not live.’
LifeNews – which has close links to law enforcement in Russia – reported that the teenager gave his first explanation of why he killed his mother to hotel staff when they entered the room where the mother and son were sharing in December.
Hotel manager A. Mananov told investigators: ‘He said that the woman was his mother.
‘According to him, she tried to persuade him to be intimate, and gave him some pills. Sosin said that he refused to have sex, and then expelled the devil from her.’
Despite his confession, and the painstaking way he showed investigators how he killed his mother, the Kazan court ruled he was unfit to face trial.
‘At the time the crime was committed, he was not aware of the actual nature of his actions and their danger,’ read a court decision in Kazan.
A judge ordered Sosin should be ‘released from criminal liability and sent for medical treatment’.




Crazy or not this 19-year-old is a danger to society. There is no cure for crazy, he needs to be locked up in jail. Yes, he took pills but, pills or not, how could anyone do that to their own mother? The investigative committee said he did not realize he was killing her. The fact that he was taking extreme drugs has yet to be proven, so they’re going off of his word alone, sounds like a pretty elaborate scheme to me. Maybe he has something to gain from his mother’s death.

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