VOTD: “Snap-Chomp” – New App Identifies Idiots..

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Just when you thought you’d heard everything something like this comes along. This story is about a reality show for idiots. Since that’s pretty standard for reality shows, you probably might not look at that as a big deal except that in this case, even other reality show contestants would consider these people idiots.

In Peachtree City, Ga. it turns out that one of their residents is fond of soaking up the sun while floating in a local creek. That, in and of itself, shouldn’t be a big deal. Here in Phoenix hundreds of thousands of people float down the Salt River every year. It’s almost a rite of passage for people moving to Phoenix.

In Peachtree City there’s a big difference. The resident sunning himself on Flat Creek is a fella known locally as “Flat Creek Floyd.”

That’s right, Flat Creek Floyd is an alligator. In these idiots want to take selfies with Floyd.

While this is incredibly stupid, it’s not THE most stupid instance of selfies around dangerous animals.

Remember this one?

30 Barack 1

Personally, I take my chances with Floyd before I crossed this animal.

30 Barack 2

Then again that guy has never been known for being all that bright, but the animal has a long history of being more than a little contentious.

Do you think will be seeing Floyd and friends in a new reality series? Stupid in the Swamp? Or maybe a year from now Barack will have his own reality show. Stupid in the Swamp?

Whatever he is doing a year from now will be better than the “Stupid in Washington” show that we’ve been watching for the last seven years. It certainly can’t be any worse and we won’t be paying tens of millions of dollars for his vacations and golf games.

I wonder if Barack has ever been to Peachtree City? Do they have golf course?

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