The Smiling Teenage ISIS Assassins: [VIDEO]

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Can you imagine having a 13-year-old son who not only has to witness the torture of innocent men, but is asked to be one of the killers as well? This is the indoctrination of young teenage boys into ISIS. These innocent young men are forced to covert to Islam or die.

They are separated from their parents and brainwashed to become killers, not only shooting captives, but even used to behead others. In some cases, they are even used as suicide bombers. Their innocent youths are robbed by these animals.

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These boys spend months controlled by ISIS undergoing 8-10 hrs a day of training, which includes weapons training, fighting and studying the Quran. Total brainwashing by ISIS!

Over the past year, ISIS has released various videos of child executioners who were lined up behind Syrian soldiers. The boys proceeded to shoot the captives in the back of the head while a crowd watched.

This is yet another of those gruesome stories.

An ISIS militant preaches to the large crowd and declares that these men have been sentenced to death. He then appears to ask for volunteers to step forward to execute the men.


And shockingly, five young men raise their hands to offer to carry out the executions with some of them appearing eager to be picked.

Men guarding the prisoners then hand shotguns over to the chosen crowd members and they all appear delighted as they stand behind the victims pointing their weapons at them.

Grinning with delight and clutching their weapons, the smiling teenage boys prepare to execute five innocent men after ISIS militants asked for volunteers to assassinate them for rejecting Islam.  

The five captives, who had all been convicted of apostasy, were led into the middle of a crowd by members of the terror group in Nineveh, Iraq.

They were all dressed in red overalls and blindfolded and forced to kneel on the ground.

And as the baying crowd begins to shout and chant, after a short countdown, they then start to fire their weapons as the prisoners fall to the floor.

Death carried out by children. ISIS would call these young fighters ‘pure’. ISIS would say they’ve been ‘saved from corruption’. That is the schooling and training of young boys and the “Religion of Peace”.

Children brainwashed at a young age with violence.

THIS is the ISIS camps for the young. But don’t worry, Obama has said many times “ISIS is contained” and America is safe against any attack. Really? Didn’t we have a couple beheadings here in the U.S. already? Maybe what he really meant is “ISIS is contained” under HIS watch.

Thank goodness we only have a few more months of Obama and this destruction from the “JV Team” before a real leader steps in. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of all this “Hope and Change.”






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