Sen. Mike Lee EVISCERATES John Boehner! He “Should Be Ashamed!”

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Sen. Mike Lee eviscerated former Speaker John Boehner during an appearance on “The Mark Levin Show” Thursday.

Referring to the attack Boehner made against Senator Ted Cruz last week, Senator Lee called it “really vile stuff”.

“I am appalled”, Lee said, “[Boehner] should be ashamed!”

Sen. Mike Lee eviscerated former Speaker John Boehner during an appearance on “The Mark Levin Show” Thursday.

Senator Lee was amazed that John Boehner could praise Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton, “and yet for Ted Cruz, what does he call him?” he asked. “He calls him the devil. He calls him Satan. He calls him Lucifer!”

The Senator from Utah told Levin that he had avoided making disparaging remarks against Boehner for years even though he often disagreed with him.

“I respected him as a person, and I respected his office.”, Lee said.

The Senator from Utah told Levin that he had avoided making disparaging remarks against Boehner for years even though he often disagreed with him.

John Boehner was the least liked Republican Speaker of the House in this writers lifetime. In fact, Boehner was hated!

Boehner is an idiot! He did nothing but play the political game. Boehner lies!

For years he berated the most ardent Republican grassroots. John Boehner WAS the system!

When Marco Rubio announced that Boehner was resigning at the Values Voter Summit last year, the crowd went wild and cheered!

Berny Belvedere stated it well at TheAmericanThinker:

We can boil down conservative dissatisfaction with the speaker to two main criticisms: (1) he did not resist President Obama’s liberal agenda as fully as he could have, and (2) he did not articulate a conservative alternative to Obama winsomely enough.

In his nearly five full years as speaker, Boehner did much to slash spending. But he also did much to avoid putting the kind of pressure on Obama that conservatives clamored for. Recall that Boehner was elevated to speaker during the 2010 midterm elections, widely regarded as the high political moment of Tea Party sentiment. The resounding message from conservative voters was that they wanted significant pushback against the president’s agenda – not just in terms of winning legislative victories, but in terms of vocalizing their deep antipathy toward the president’s attempts to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

John Boehner was forced to retire when he saw he was going to get “Cantorized” in his own district by J.D. Winteregg.

Good riddance! Now go find something to do and shut your yapper Boehner!

Mike Lee is correct!

John Boehner should be ashamed of himself for his vile remarks!

Listen To Senator Mike Lee for yourself!



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