“School Girls Must Get ‘Comfortable’ With ‘Male Genitalia’ in Bathrooms”?

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Ran across this editorial in the Charlotte Observer that just might get you to say – “Obama has really  screwed us!” This was written in regards to the NC HB 2 bill otherwise known as the “Bathroom Bill”.

What happens when biological males identify as a females use women’s bathrooms?

The question is at the core of a struggle – and a suddenly intense debate – over the rights of transgender individuals. That battle transcends what happens in bathrooms, certainly, but the issue has prompted a wave of unnecessary fears and unnecessary laws, including North Carolina’s HB 2.


This week, the Obama administration tried to get in front of the clash, first with a Department of Justice lawsuit over HB 2, then on Friday with a letter to U.S. school districts ordering them to acknowledge and accommodate transgender students. The letter doesn’t carry the weight of law, but it does carry a big stick – the implied withholding of federal dollars from school districts that don’t abide by the administration’s guidelines.

That threat is sure to bring more heat to the bathroom debate, but eventually the decree should have the opposite effect. It will bring acceptance, as these measures do, by showing that the answer to what happens in bathrooms is a lot less fearsome than the question.

Republicans in North Carolina have made the most of those fears, framing HB 2 as a law that protects the safety and privacy of women and children. Those safety issues are political fiction – non-transgender men wouldn’t have been allowed in women’s bathrooms under the Charlotte ordinance that HB 2 killed, and the 200 or so cities with similar ordinances have had no incidents involving bathroom predators.

That leaves the issue of privacy and the oft-stated notion of women and girls sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with someone who has different genitalia. It’s an image that’s uncomfortable even for some who are sympathetic to the transgender cause.

The administration’s letter addresses that uneasiness head on, at least with regards to schools. The letter includes a 25-page attachment detailing “emerging practices” at U.S. districts that already are supporting transgender students. Along with policies on issues such as dress codes and transgender student records, the document provides examples of how districts address the privacy needs of all students in bathrooms and locker rooms.

In Washington state, guidelines urge schools to provide all students access to an alternative restroom or changing area. In New York, one principal determined that students could be given more privacy by having curtains installed alongside benches in locker rooms. In Kentucky, one district offered both curtains and private changing areas, plus separate changing schedules for students wanting privacy.
Well…what say you?
I have never heard of such stupidity or insanity! The left is trying to make the bathroom issue a “non-issue” and make us, conservatives and those on the right, feel like WE are the “abnormal” ones because schools are already adopting policies and feeling “fine” about boys being in girls’ bathrooms. Are you kidding me?! Seriously?! I don’t think ANY Dad with a daughter feels good about this issue and their daughter in school right now!
No! Most parents don’t feel fine about this and NO it’s NOT normal! It’s Obama’s liberal agenda! By the way Obama, STOP threatening schools by taking away funds for federal programs like Title I, free lunch or special education – which is where the majority of the federal dollars are used.
I can only say that when one school district in Illinois tried to “accomodate” a transgender by providing a separate bathroom – they were sued! This issue should not be about everyone else accomodating the .03 % of the population. Schools are suppose to make ALL children feel safe! What about the other 99.97 % of the rest of the population? I guess THEY don’t get to decide or have any input on what’s safe and what’s NOT?
“School Girls Must Get ‘Comfortable’ With ‘Male Genitalia’ in Bathrooms”? I DON’T THINK SO!!! Just ask Curt Schilling:
Kurt Schilling lost his job for posting this picture.
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