Sarah Palin Says She’ll Take Out Paul Ryan [VIDEO]

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Speaker Paul Ryan has a problem. It’s not Sarah Palin. Paul Ryan’s problem is that he doesn’t understand reality.

At one time Paul Ryan was a hero to conservatives. Apparently the spotlight roasted his brain and stole his soul because Paul Ryan would get tarred and feathered at any gathering of conservatives outside the Washington Beltway. Inside the Washington Beltway, sadly, they’re pretty much are no conservatives anymore.


Last week he after Donald Trump’s decisive victory in Indiana, Speaker Ryan said he couldn’t support Trump because he hadn’t done enough to unify the party. At the time I found that to be a rather rich remark coming from a guy whose idea of uniting the party was giving Barack Obama everything you could hope for in his last budget.

Paul Ryan is a guy who has no problem funding Planned Parenthood’s slaughter of the unborn for baby parts. He also has no problem granting amnesty to 15 million illegal aliens that under current rules would soon turn into 50 million new Democratic voters.  As a matter of fact, there seems to be no part of the Obama agenda that Paul Ryan disagrees with.

He just found himself in Sarah Palin’s gun sights.

Ryan has some competition in the primary this year in Wisconsin. Conservative Republican businessman Paul Nehlen is running in the primary against Ryan. It looks like Sarah will be on his campaign team and she certainly knows how to raise money and draw a crowd.

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You can follow the link to Nehlen’s website and find out more about him and support him. Knocking off Paul Ryan in this year’s primary would go a long way to sending a permanent message to the Republican Establishment that they didn’t seem to get it when Eric Cantor got voted out of office or when John Boehner lost his Speakership..

Thank you Sarah, go get him.

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