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Sally Miller Gets Explicit About Bill Clinton [**GRAPHIC]


Sally Miller was Miss Arkansas in 1958.  She was also Bill Clinton’s mistress in 1983.  Bill had much better taste in the women he casually boinked than in the woman he married.

Sally has a new book out, just in time for the long hot summer, and it will really be fun if she manages to get a first class book tour to promote it.  I’d love to see her on the late night shows and on Oprah.

More than two decades on, Miller, a former singer and radio host known as Sally Perdue, is preparing to dish more secrets in a tell-all memoir. Miller took to social media in recent weeks to post an extraordinary warning that if she dies by ‘suicide’ no-one should believe it.
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Here’s just a small sample of what she’s got to say about Bill.

Armed with my railroad proposal, facts, and photos, I headed to the office of my one-time friend, Bill Clinton, now Arkansas’s Governor.   His secretary, Ms. Moore, was extremely nice.  She explained Bill was playing golf but promised to have him call the minute he checked in with her.

Bill called several hours later.  After ten years, he sounded happy to hear from me.  It didn’t seem awkward or strange when he asked if he could stop-by my place, later. I gave him my address at Andover Square Condominiums, explaining my patio backed up to Reservoir Park.  Bill replied: “Leave the gate open and the patio light on.  I’ll have my driver drop me off at your back door.”

Closing the patio door behind him and flashing his trademark open-mouth smile, Bill stepped into my living room. He wasted no time pulling me close, laughing in my ear, hugging me affectionately.

It had been ten years since the two of us had walked the halls of the Arkansas State Capitol together.  Since then, we’d both managed to expand our horizons in more than a few directions.

He listened to my pitch for the Rail Historic Preservation Society; he looked at my photos; he examined my proposal. Bill promised to help by introducing me to the woman in charge of Parks and Tourism.  Then, placing my packet back on the table, he suggested we enjoy a little “catch up” time.

All totaled, Bill visited me twelve to fourteen times over a three month period.  Each visit was memorable; there was never a dull moment. We were like kids, entertaining each other with stories, songs, true confessions, and creative intimacy.

Bill and I enjoyed each other’s company and yes, we had fun. My young friend made me feel special, like he’d rather spend time with me than anyone else.

You can find the X-rated commentary at the link.

She’s also got a whole lot to say about Hillary.

I’d love to see the book tour, but given that the media is in full protective mode for the Clintons, I doubt we’ll have the pleasure.  It sure would be fun though.


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