Ross Stores Join Target, Allowing Men to Use Women’s Bathrooms and Dressing Rooms!

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Seems that Ross stores did not learn from Target’s mistake, allowing men to invade the privacy rights of women and little girls.

Lisa Stickles was upset upon learning the hard way that the chain has no problem allowing men to use the same dressing room as her at a Ross in Mesquite, Texas.

When she heard a deep voice, as she was in the women’s changing room, she notified the Ross managerand did not get a very good response!

Ross Stores Join Target, Allowing Men to Use Women's Bathrooms!

Chicks on the Right reports:

“She went inside the dressing room, came right back out and called me to the side and told me he was representing himself as a woman today,” Stickles said.

He was representing himself as a woman today. As if that’s a thing that changes regularly.

A Ross customer service representative refused to comment on that particular incident but said Ross doesn’t “discriminate” against the transgender community.

He felt like he was a woman, “today”! Yes, “TODAY!”

Ross Stores Join Target, Allowing Men to Use Women's Bathrooms!

THAT is the issue! It has nothing to do with transgendered Ross!! It has to do with the millions of other men that you just gave carte blanche to walk into a women’s facility for whatever purpose!

I will say it again, men who really live dressed as women have been using women’s restrooms and dressing rooms for decades, without issue!

These bathroom laws, decrees, ordinances and policies have nothing to do with the .03% of the population that are transgendered. All they do is trample the right of privacy for women and little girls with the sole purpose of pushing an agenda!

Target is a huge company, it has a huge boycott against it and lost a big chunk of it’s stock value. Ross is not quite so big and a boycott will affect it much more I am sure!

You would think, as they have a huge clientele of women, that Ross would think first before they walked into such insanity…

Faith Driven Consumer, representing 41 million Americans that spend $2 trillion annually, recently announced a national “buycott” effort to encourage shoppers to chose Walmart, Academy Sports, Hobby Lobby, and seven other chains as an alternative to Target.

I guess we add Ross to Target as stores to avoid!

(I would like to also mention that Academy Sports has a great 2nd Amendment policy as well, allowing open carry. Just leave the gun in it’s holster and you will have no issue!) #JustSayin

I know I am done with Target. I will be glad to take my business to Walmart, Academy Sports, and other available options.
I do believe I will buy my next pair of boots at Academy Sports!

Here’s the video:

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