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Religious Liberty Wins Big in Texas! Atheist Loses Lawsuit Over Tallest Cross in America!


The city of Corpus Christi, Texas, is back on track to be the future home of the tallest cross in the Americas!

The cross will be at least 210 feet over the Texas city and was conceived by Pastor Rick Milby of Abundant Life Fellowship.

Construction of the cross was being hindered by a lawsuit, but a settlement was reached on Tuesday when the plaintiff in the case conceded that the effort was “baseless,” “vexatious,” and “without merit.”

The city of Corpus Christi, Texas, is back on track to be the future home of the tallest cross in the Americas!

Atheist Patrick Greene had a huge problem with a giant cross: “It’s tacky as hell,” Mr. Greene told Todd Starnes.

Yeah, now there is a good reason to oppose something like a cross! It is tacky! If I started wanting all things tacky removed from public view…boy would I have fun!

The atheist also said about the cross, “I don’t think it should be within eyesight because it jeopardizes people’s safety on the road,”

Yeah, another good reason! How about all the billboards for gentlemens clubs in Texas with half naked women on them! I bet this idiot has absolutely no problem with those!!

It gets better! Mr. “I don’t like tacky stuff” did not file a lawsuit because he thinks the cross is tacky because of potential safety hazards.

The city of Corpus Christi, Texas, is back on track to be the future home of the tallest cross in the Americas!

He filed the lawsuit because he was mad that the mayor and some city leaders attended the groundbreaking ceremony! Oh the horror!!!

You see, that is where this type if insanity in the atheist camp leads, that just because you are an elected official, you are not free anymore to express your own faith.

And he also sued Preacher Milby for inviting the mayor and the council members to the groundbreaking ceremony!

This guy is off his rocker! Ironic that the future home of the cross, the city of Corpus Christi, means Body of Christ in Latin.

Mayor Nelda Martinez’s late father had a dream that some day a cross would stand high in the city.

“The name of our city is Body of Christ and I will tell you I will never forget that conversation I had with my father about his dream and his hope,” Martinez said.

She went on to say, “No matter what belief you have, this is the name of our city and it was my constitutional right to attend, and I will never regret being there for this wonderful moment,”

City attorney Miles Risley also called the lawsuit frivolous. He said the leaders had the right to attend guaranteed by the First Amendment.

“He is absolutely misinterpreting this law,” Risley said.

Atheists…can be real idiots!

Listen to this idiot atheist twist a section of the Texas Constitution disallowing laws pertaining to religion into “that an elected official cannot express their faith and show up at a groundbreaking for a cross”. Dork!


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