“Religion of Peace” Strips Elderly Christian Woman and Parades Her Through Streets – Obama Silent [Video]

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The Religion of Peace. Islam. Muslims. Barack Obama and Paul Ryan want you to believe they’re a bunch of nice people except for some bad people who just call themselves Muslims but really aren’t.

Anybody who believes that is “factually challenged.”

Last week in southern Egypt about 300 Muslim men kidnapped a 70-year-old Coptic Christian woman. They dragged her to the center of town, stripped her naked, beat her, and paraded her through town.


The good news is that Muslims pray five times a day so I’m sure they had to stop for prayers along the way. Just to prove that those who follow Islam – remember, it’s the “Religion of Peace” – are good family people, one of the attackers is reported to be the woman’s son who converted from Christianity to Islam.

“Religion of Peace”.

The local government in Egypt is downplaying the incident, and Barack Obama is been too busy telling the world that Paul Tibbetts was an evil man to notice this event.

Pay attention, Obama and Paul Ryan are working their fingers to the bone to make sure that you have this kind of diversity in your neighborhood.

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