Rapper Threatens to Murder Donald Trump Over… Food Stamps? [VIDEO]

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A boy in Louisiana posted a “rap video” about Donald Trump on YouTube on Saturday.  It’s a piece of work, actually, it’s about what I’d expect from this genre.  (Rapper boy, if you’re reading this have someone explain “genre” to you.)

It’s an expletive-laced piece that used the “N” word, the “F” word, and the “B” word more times than I care to count, so be warned.

If you really want to have some fun with this click on the “CC” (closed captioning), it’s hilarious.


Got that?  You probably missed it if you don’t speak Ebonics.  The boy is going to “war” (“wok” in the CC) with Donald Trump over his mama’s food stamps.  Gonna kill Trump.

There’s a better than even chance this boy may get the opportunity to speak to the Secret Service after the November elections.

Barack Obama has expanded the food stamp program to welcome an additional 50 million people to the Federal Plantation.  Trump has expressed support for the kind of welfare rules that Republican governors have put in place in states like Maine where they require recipients to work, to go to school or to volunteer.  Implementing those rules has reduced food stamps by as much as 80% in some places.

Hey boy!  Looks like mama’s gonna starve, what with her food stamps going away and you in prison.

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