Proof the “Religion of Peace” Hates Gays

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That’s right, the “Religion of Peace” has no use for gays. Over the last three weeks there have been two “gay bashing” attacks on Britain’s Brighton seafront. The most recent attack was carried out by a 21-year-old Muslim who attacked his victim outside a seafront bar and hotel.

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The attacker had reportedly been videotaping gay men in the area and began screaming homophobic slurs before he punched the victim and broke his jaw. He’s due in court on June 13.

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The previous assault occurred in the same area when two men were attacked and suffered head and facial injuries from a bleeding.

British police are going out of their way to note that violent crime in the area is very rare and they are insisting that the two attacks were not linked.

The story of these attacks was carried in the local Brighton newspaper and it’s obvious that the Brits are so terrified of the Muslim invasion currently going on in Britain. The story contains 24 paragraphs. The only mention of the fact that the attackers are Muslim occurs in paragraph 22.

It looks like the police and the press in Britain are adopting a policy of refusing to address the Muslim crime wave in Britain, just as the Germans, Swedes, Dutch and most of the rest of Europe are doing.

It’s not looking like anyone is going to have the courage to stop this invasion.

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