Proof Al Gore is the Greatest Con Man Ever!

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Almost a decade ago, Al Gore released his lie filled propaganda documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

While we knew immediately that it was full of lies, we now also know the many predictions of Al Gore were also very, very wrong!

Al Gore warned increasing carbon dioxide emissions would basically make the sky fall, that sudden destruction was on us if we did not stop!

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Of course we knew early on that some of his predictions were hokey. Al Gore claimed in 2007 that the Arctic Ice would be totally gone by 2013, but by 2012, it had already grown by 50%.

Now that we are almost a full 10 years into his crazy, chicken little predictions, we have concrete evidence that Al Gore was totally full of it!

Recently, The Daily Caller News Foundation sat down and watched “An Inconvenient Truth”.

They wanted to see exactly how well Al Gore did on his predictions of future climate disaster.

They report that one of the most mountainous of wrong predictions to be about Mount Kilimanjaro:

One of the first glaring claims Al Gore makes is about Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. He claims Africa’s tallest peak will be snow-free “within the decade.” Al Gore shows slides of Kilimanjaro’s peak in the 1970s versus today to conclude the snow is disappearing.

Well, it’s been a decade and, yes, there’s still snow on Kilimanjaro year-round. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure this out. One can just look at recent photos posted on the travel website

The Daily Caller News Foundation article is rather eye opening! I would encourage all to read it in honor of the Al Gore Inconvenient 10th Anniversary!

Al Gore claimed we were on a steep rise in temperatures, yet they not only did NOT rise to epic proportions as he claimed, they did not rise at all.

In fact, when you look at the data, over 60 years, it has been a wash. ABSOLUTELY NO WARMING OR COOLING AT ALL! Just fluctuations, as always.

Oh yeah…and the sea level has not risen 20 feet AL Gore …

Al Gore claimed we were on a steep rise in temperatures, yet they did not only not rise to epic proportions as he claimed, they did not rise at all.

Keep in mind that it was settled fact a decade ago that Al Gore lied through his teeth throughout his climate change movie, “Inconvenient Truth”! In fact, there are 35 scientifically proven outright lies in his movie…

…and in October 2007, the High Court in London had identified nine “errors” in Gore’s movie that were so outrageous that it caused a major upheaval when they wanted to show the movie about climate change in their secondary schools.

Of course, Climate Change Hoax purveyors have made up all kinds of excuses over the last decade for the reasons that Climate Change models showing global warming have been wrong 95% of the time. 

Man Made Climate Change is a HOAX! Perpetuated and funded by the left for nefarious purposes!

Dr. Tim Ball, author of The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science, is a Canadian geographer and historical climatologist, best known for his public opposition to the scientific consensus in the global warming controversy. (Hear my interview with Dr, Ball on American Sovereignty! Arrest me Bill Nye!)

Dr. Ball has been arguing for many years the true facts about the Al Gore HOAX of Man Made Climate Change and it’s true purpose!

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