Professor Raised in Communist Romania Explains Why the Left is Wrong On Socialism!

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University of Florida Professor Florin Curta was raised in communist Romania during the tyranny of President Nicolae Ceausescu.

He knows socialism’s conclusion first hand, living a childhood of extreme poverty and iron-fisted control in a communist country in severe decline.

Julianne Stanford from the College Fix recently discussed his childhood experience in a communist regime and the rise of socialism in America with Professor Curta.

University of Florida Professor Florin Curta was raised in communist Romania during the tyranny of President Nicolae Ceausescu.

Tell us about growing up in communist Romania. What was the quality of life?

Curta: Stores were completely empty. There was no food. There was a black market where you could buy some things, but obviously at much higher prices. Besides the fact that there was no food, every now and then electricity would be cut off in the apartment, at a sudden moment in time. You would not know when and for how long. Sometimes there was no running water at all, and there was no warm water at all.

You can find the rest of the interview at The College Fix! You will not want to miss it!

I remember well the name Nicolae Ceausescu from my own personal childhood, well enough I can pronounce it! But I did not remember the details as to why…so I did some research.

He and his wife lived very well as they continually drained the people of their money. He reigned with an iron fist with total control over his people.

Many today look at socialism as a solution to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. Ceausescu and his socialist turned communist regime did just the opposite.

One of his first acts was to declare the country a socialist republic, the communist stepping stone.

After a short period of moderate rule, Ceausescu’s regime became increasingly brutal and repressive. His communist rule was the most rigidly Stalinist in the entire Soviet bloc.

He took over total control over speech and the media. Internal dissent was not tolerated. His secret police was one of the most brutal police forces in the world.

Communist Romania became a place where half the people were spying on the other half.

Ceausescu’s regime collapsed after he ordered his security forces to fire on anti-government demonstrators in December 1989.

They tried him and his wife, and executed them on the spot.

After Ceausescu was executed, western media discovered the shocking situation of the country’s orphans. Children such as these had been sent to communist institutions and were left shamefully neglected and abused!

After Ceausescu was executed, western media discovered the shocking situation of the country's orphans. Children such as these had been sent to communist institutions and were left shamefully neglected and abused!

Remind you of Hitler? Me too.

It was a horrific story. I would encourage you to learn more about this horrible socialist turned communist regime, where it came from, and where it ended. History repeats itself.





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