Pervert Gets Nailed in Target: Target Has No Comment..

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A lady confronted a serial pervert in a Florida Target, got it all on video, and it has gone viral!

Candice Spivey recorded the confrontation of voyeur Jeffery Polizzi and kept rolling as she chased him out the door and into the Target parking lot!

After Polizzi started asking her questions about women’s underwear, Spivey recognized the man from another run-in a couple of years ago.

A lady confronted a serial pervert in a Florida Target, got it all on video, and it has gone viral!

Fox 31 reports:

“At first he is very believable. At first he comes up and seems like he genuinely needs your help in regards of answering questions about a dress he bought for his wife,” Spivey said.

But she said he quickly turned the topic to questions about women’s lingerie. Spivey said the man also asked her about her body.

“He said get away from me or stop, leave me alone or something,” Spivey said. “And that’s when I just wanted to say no, you need to leave everyone else alone.”

He drove away from the Target parking lot so fast that police arrested him for reckless driving.

After the incident went viral, police got more than 50 complaints against Polizzi.

According to court documents, Polizzi was convicted in 2009 of “taking photographs of women in dressing rooms.”

Target has set itself up to be a haven by giving men carte blanche into women's restrooms.

No wonder he picked Target! Target has set itself up to be a haven by giving men carte blanche into women’s restrooms. I guess we will never know if he had already been in there.

Target’s bathroom policy allowing men in women’s restrooms has caused millions across the country to decide to boycott the retail giant.

Faith Driven Consumer, representing 41 million Americans that spend $2 trillion annually, has joined the movement.

They have announced a national “buycott” effort to encourage shoppers to chose Walmart, Academy Sports, Hobby Lobby, and seven other chains as an alternative.

Obama has compounded the problem with his recent declaration that all public schools allow boys in girls bathrooms.

It was an issue that was hijacked by the left, to further a broad agenda.

True transvestites have been using women’s restrooms unopposed for decades, without incident.

It was not until states like CA, and cities like Houston, TX and Charlotte, NC created “Bathroom Bills”, forcing the issue, that anyone even noticed.

But now, in the name of the .03% of transgender Americans, perverts everywhere are taking advantage of the insanity. Here Here Here Here

Many states are now taking action! Texas is leading the way as 11 states are suing the Obama Administration over the issue! Joining Texas in the suit: Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arizona’s Department of Education, Maine Gov. Paul LePage, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah and Georgia.

Florida is not staying silent either. Florida State Senator Greg Evers is very vocally pressuring Gov. Rick Scott and A.G. Pam Bondi to stand up and speak out against Obama.

Evers is running for Congress. You know what that means! Greg Evers is proving to be a stalwart on this issue! We need him in Congress!

Greg Evers has a stellar record on the issues. He will be fighting this one just as hard I am sure!

Give him some social media love! Twitter Facebook Website

Target Bathrooms Greg Evers


My friend Matt Lynch is also on it up in Ohio! Matt is a former Ohio State Representative and has been another stalwart on our schools, Common Core, and this insane situation of letting boys use girls’ bathrooms! WATCH the video! Join protest at Parma, OH Target on Saturday June 4th at noon!

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