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Openly Gay Disney Princess? Brace Yourselves for Frozen 2


The Gay Mafia is going after a target they’ve already captured.  That would be Disney.  Disney is about as “gay friendly” as you get.  They’ve got Gay Celebration Days at their parks where you’ve pretty much got to “show your colors” to get in.

They want more!

Frozen was a huge hit for Disney with two strong female characters, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.  It was inspired by the fairy tale The Snow Queen written by Hans Christian Anderson.

Apparently it isn’t enough of a fairy tale.  The Gay Mafia is demanding a lesbian.

3 Frozen 1

They’ve come up with the hashtag, #GiveElsaAGirlfriend to demand that Disney puts up a lesbian role model for their childrens’ movie audience.

“Positive queer role models.”

Not all Disney fans are on board.

3 Frozen 2

My money is on the Gay Mafia.  Disney is in their camp.  Everybody else is a homophobic, white privileged, racist.

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