Obama’s National Security Advisor Who Manipulated Iran Deal Won’t Testify?

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And so the story goes…

Once upon a time there lived in a big white castle a king named Obama. He wanted to stop the really, big, bad people in the world, so he created the Iran Nuclear Deal. When Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was elected, everyone agreed with King Obama. And all was well in the kingdom.

Oops. Not the end of the story yet, Mr. Rhodes.

Obama’s National Security Advisor, novelist and author Ben Rhodes said earlier, “The average reporter…they literally know nothing.” That’s right! It was all just another “Media Scam”. You’ve been punked! Now, Mr. Rhodes is not talking to Congress, nor did he even show up to talk. Guess it’s not such a fairy tale ending afterall.


Leading members of Congress are calling on President Barack Obama to fire one of his top advisers amid a deepening scandal over accusations the White House intentionally misled lawmakers and the American public about the contents of last summer’s comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran, according to a letter sent Monday to Obama and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The lawmakers are pressing Obama to fire deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes following revelations he and other officials “spearheaded the charge to mislead elected lawmakers and the American people about the Iran nuclear deal and the negotiations that led to this agreement,” according to the letter.

Rhodes will skip a Tuesday hearing before the House Oversight Committee as it investigates claims he and other senior White House officials waged a misinformation campaign to garner approval for the contested Iran deal, according to sources who spoke to the Free Beacon.

The White House kept congressional sources in the dark until late Monday afternoon, when officials finally disclosed that Rhodes would not testify as the result of “constitutional concerns,” according to conversations with congressional insiders and a letter sent by the White House.

CONSTITUTIONAL CONCERNS…Really? Now the Obama wants to play THAT card? He hasn’t played it in ALL the years of his administration. Where was that Constitutional card during Benghazi, or Bundy and our 2nd Amendment? Where was it for Kim Davis and Religious Freedom? Nowhere!!! But NOW he wants US to be concerned over the Constitution! How absurd is THAT?

Lawmakers who wrote to Obama on Monday demanded Rhodes be fired or forced to resign as a result of his actions. Sens. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.), chair of the Senate’s subcommittee on national security and international trade and finance, John Cornyn (R., Texas), Senate majority whip, John Barrasso (R., Wyo.), who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and is chair of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, and David Perdue (R., Ga.) have signed the letter.

“We call on you to dismiss Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes before he further tarnishes the Office of President,” the lawmakers write. “While members of the Executive and Legislative branches may sometimes deeply disagree on issues of vital importance to our nation’s security and prosperity, we should all agree, for the greater good of our Republic and the citizens whom we represent, to engage in our debates in a respectful, honest, and constructive manner.”

“Mr. Rhodes’s disrespectful, deceptive, and destructive conduct has fallen appallingly short of this standard, however,” they write. “Indeed, if he had conducted himself this way in a typical place of business outside Washington, where American taxpayers work, he surely would have been already fired or asked to resign.”

It’s almost laughable isn’t it? Sen. Mark Kirk has voted in alignment with President Obama on almost every occasion including Obamacare, but NOW he wants to act like HE has principles.

The letter goes on to ask:

 “What steps will your Administration itself take to engage in rational discourse and repair damaged relations with the Congress?”


The reason SO many people are tired of career politicians and are supporting Donald Trump is because they are tired of many of these same politicians treating us ALL like an “echo chamber”. I don’t know what steps the administration will be taking, but I can tell you one thing. The American people will be taking more steps at electing NON-career politicans, just the way our Founding Fathers intended our country to be run. We need to “clean up” the mess of crime and destruction in Congress, the Senate and the White House…and THAT would be the right ending to the story, Mr. Rhodes.







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