ObamaCare Strikes! Your Doctor Forced to Participate in Gun Control

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So your Doctor asks: “Have you been tired a lot? Have you been having chest pains? Do you own any guns?”

What??? Should your doctor be asking you whether or not you have a gun in your house?

Ben Guarino at the Washington Post discusses a study that was published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine” which suggests just that!

So your Doctor asks: "Have you been tired a lot? Have you been having chest pains? Do you own any guns?"

Guarino notes:

““Firearm violence is an important health problem, and most physicians agree that they should help prevent that violence,” wrote Garen J. Wintemute, a public health expert at the University of California Davis and co-author of the paper, in an email to The Washington Post. In the literature review, which doubles as a call-to-arms, the authors conclude it is neither illegal nor unreasonable to ask patients about gun safety.”


We know that a key factor with ObamaCare has been the trampling of privacy in the home. In fact, ObamaCare and Common Core come together at this juncture. Many facets of Common Core are doing the exact same thing in the school as they are trying to accomplish with the doctor.

Children across America are being asked personal questions at school relating to activities in the home including if there are guns.

Many states are trying address this insanity at the state level.

In 2011, Florida became the first state to pass a law prohibiting such questions.

Gov. Rick Scott signed the law barring any doctor from routinely asking patients if they own guns but in September 2011, a federal judge issued an injunction blocking its implementation. In July 2014 an appeals court overturned that decision and upheld the law.


Obama through the Department of Health and Human Services fought back. They issued a new rule that allowed your doctor to report their patients to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, barring them from purchasing firearms.

Obama knows that it will be a long time coming to go door to door collecting guns and he loves to go through the window. He will continue to use doctors and ObamaCare to try to accomplish his task.

I dare him to try. The more he threatens the 2nd Amendment, the more people stock up on guns. Gun ownership has doubled since he became president! Bring it on Obama! I will not tell my doctor whether or not I have a gun!



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