Obama Praises Traitor While in Vietnam

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I don’t use the word “treason” lightly.  I would never accuse a Republican congressman or Senator of being a “traitor” because he’s a faux-conservative.

I have lots of other adjectives for that.  I reserve “traitor” for very specific cases.

For instance, a man who would consult with America’s enemies in time of war.  Like this one did in Paris in 1973.

There’s every reason to believe that Kerry received a less than honorable discharge for his work with North Vietnam in Paris when he was a reserve officer in the U.S. Navy.  Jimmy Carter – to his eternal shame – fixed all that for him with the Carter amnesty.

In retrospect, John Kerry is the perfect person to serve in Barack Obama’s administration.  He may well hate America more than Obama.

Here’s what Obama had to say this week during his tour of the Far East in Vietnam.

“Secretary Kerry and all our veterans here today, both Vietnamese and American, who had the courage not only to fight, but, more importantly, had the courage to make peace.”

He blamed the war on politicians – without naming Lyndon Johnson – and wrapped up his speech with without acknowledging that Communism is an aggressive and murderous ideology that has murdered upwards of 100 million people and that going to war to stop it could be justified.

But then the only wars that Obama has found to be justified are the war against cops in cities run by black Democrats and the war on the West being conducted by Muslims.

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