Obama Paves Way for the Slaughter of Thousands of American Eagles [VIDEO]

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The Obama administration is in the process of setting a new standard for hypocrisy.  They like to promote themselves as the “environmentalist” administration, being sensitive to all things “environmental.”

All things, that is, that don’t represent America, our founding, or our individual liberty.

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They are pushing a new plan for their benefactors in the “wind energy” business that will let them slaughter up to 4,200 eagles every year.  So much for endangered species.

Obama’s buddies are saying the plan will help the eagle population and you’ll be able to keep your doctor.

The wind farms  will pay  a $36,000 fee to have a free run at killing eagles.

The reason?  They want to reduce our “dependence” on fossil fuels.  What they don’t tell you is that “wind energy” costs about ten times what fossil fuel energy costs.

You can consider this evidence that Obama is dead set on keeping his campaign promise.

Thanks Barack.  And the eagles thank you too.  I’m sure.

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