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Obama: “Abortion, Sex Changes, Men in Girl’s Bathrooms or Lose Your Federal Funding”


You know the Golden Rule, right? Barack Obama and your betters run the federal government lived by the Golden Rule.

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Not quite what you thought right?

It may not be the biblical version, but it’s certainly the version that drives government bureaucrats. Barack Obama is currently the king of the government bureaucrats and he’s going to make sure that every school and hospital in the United States follows his rules.

The administration is taken to actions in the last two weeks in their effort to, as Obama promised, change America forever.

Their first action was to issue “guidance” to all public schools informing them that if they don’t allow students to use their restroom, locker room, and shower of choice they are at risk of losing federal education funding.

In a joint letter from the Department of Education and justice schools were informed that students who identify as transgender must be allowed to use private facilities that match their gender idea with no medical diagnosis or treatment requirement.

“Transgender” students cannot be required to use separate facilities although students who object can be forced to.

One down, one to go.

Five days later the Obama administration informed hospitals that if they refused to perform “gender transition services” or abortions they too would face termination of government aid and a referral to the Justice Department for legal action.

The administration is of course playing the race card in its broadest application yet. These rules, according to HHS, build on prior federal civil rights law prohibiting sex discrimination in healthcare.

Remember, with ObamaCare that means you will be paying for sex change and abortion right up to the minute of delivery.

You can expect parents and professional organizations to protest these changes but remember, money talks, protest walks.


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