Why the NYT Can’t Lay a Glove on Trump

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Camille Paglia is a pretty far left Bernie Sanders supporter. She’s also a long-time writer and columnist. She also happens to be a leftist who doesn’t look at the world through rose colored glasses.

She recently wrote a short piece in Salon about a New York Times article that was touted to take down Trump. It took less than a day for the “article” to be correctly shown to be a cheap hit piece. The two kids who wrote it – recent graduates of very expensive schools of journalism – may never recover from the piece of crap that the New York Times published.


You really should read the whole article, because Paglia is in rare form. Here’s a sample:

The drums had been beating for weeks about a major New York Times expose in the works that would demolish Trump once and for all by revealing his sordid lifetime of misogyny. … On Monday, after seeing countless exultant references to this virtuoso takedown, I finally read the article—and laughed out loud throughout. Can there be any finer demonstration of the insularity and mediocrity of today’s Manhattan prestige media? Wow, millionaire workaholic Donald Trump chased young, beautiful, willing women and liked to boast about it. Jail him now! Meanwhile, the New York Times remains mute about Bill Clinton’s long record of crude groping and grosser assaults—not one example of which could be found to taint Trump.

Blame for this fiasco falls squarely upon the New York Times editors who delegated to two far too young journalists, Michael Barbaro and Megan Twohey, the complex task of probing the glitzy, exhibitionistic world of late-twentieth-century beauty pageants, gambling casinos, strip clubs, and luxury resorts. Neither Barbaro, a 2002 graduate of Yale, nor Twohey, a 1998 graduate of Georgetown University, had any frame of reference for sexual analysis aside from the rote political correctness that has saturated elite American campuses for nearly 40 years. Their prim, priggish formulations in this awkwardly disconnected article demonstrate the embarrassing lack of sophistication that passes for theoretical expertise among their over-paid and under-educated professors.

The article in question may well go down in history for all the shortcomings Paglia points out. It may well end up being the long form version of a quote attributed to another New York Times columnist after Richard Nixon was elected. She said, with a straight face, “How could he have one? I don’t know anybody who voted for him!”

These people live in an insular world where Hillary Clinton is considered a center-right candidate.


Paglia nails it when she talks about the two little authors of the piece being interviewed by CNN. Paglia said, “The hidden agenda of advocacy journalism has rarely been caught so red-handed.

Also note that she, politics aside, points out that the New York Times has yet to waste one ounce of ink on Bill Clinton and his affairs.

This was a very high profile article that The Times worked hard to promote. He really expected it would destroy Trump. The story had a shelf life of about a week and it’s authors have had their 15 minutes of fame. You’re not likely to hear from them again anytime soon.

On the other hand, you can expect to hear a lot from the target of their story, Donald Trump.

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