Now Why on Earth Would Hillary’s Campaign Want to Destroy Hard Drives?

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We have a new twist in Hillary’s email problems. I couldn’t believe it either, but we do.

It turns out that the Hillary’s campaign made a number of payments to a company that specializes in document destruction and hard drive destruction.

Why in the world would her campaign do that?

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A Nevada based company, American document destruction, Inc., that claims expertise in destroying hard drives received a number of payments this year from Hillary’s campaign. The company’s expertise appears to be in shredding the drives.

It appears, based on the invoices, that as many as 14 hard drives could’ve been destroyed. Hillary’s campaign is not commenting on the invoices.

It’s also not known if the FBI is tracking these transactions.

It’s hard not to think that somebody decided it would never have to worry about another server falling into FBI hands.

To be fair, the company — Nevada-based American Document Destruction Inc. — also promises that “office paper, folders, binders and computer media can be destroyed in just minutes.” But its specialty is apparently shredding those hard drives.

Last fall, Hillary Clinton faced a barrage of press questions about whether she’d wiped her home-brew email server before handing it over to the FBI. The famously tech-challenged Clinton answered, “What, like with a cloth or something? … I don’t know how it works digitally at all.”

Looks to us like she finally figured it out.


It’s going to be a long fun summer for some of us. For others, like Hillary, maybe not so much. Although with her rabid supporters, she can run from a prison cell and get plenty of votes..

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