Now Anyone Can Marry Anything: This You Won’t Believe THIS Though [VIDEO]

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Just when you thought you have heard EVERYTHING!

Earlier this month, a professor at Santa Monica College led students in an ‘EcoSexual Sextravaganza’ in which participants ‘married the ocean.’

Amber Katherine, a philosophy professor who helped organize the May 14 event, explained to Campus Reform that the purpose of the “wedding” was to bring about a deeper love for the planet through “ecocentric passion and even lust.”


The ceremony began with Bruce Cartier, a former SMC student, proclaiming to those gathered at Santa Monica Beach that “today we stand upon this holy earth and in this sacred space to witness the rite of matrimony between the sea and us all.”

Next, leaders of the event distributed rings to the students, announcing “with this ring, I bestow upon the sea the treasures of my mind heart and hands—as well as my body and soul. With the power vested in us, we now pronounce you ‘married to the sea.’”

Some students then made their way down to the water, where they were urged by event organizers to “consummate” the marriage and “make love with the water.”

“Stick your toes in the water … or any part of your body that you want.”

The event, according to Professor Katherine, “was funded by a number of campus organizations” with the main sponsor being the University’s Public Policy Institute chapter.

One attendee of the event—who identified herself only as “Serenity”—spoke about the importance of gaining consent from the earth before proceeding with a physical relationship.

You have got to be kidding me?! Marred to the sea?! Liberals never cease to amaze me. Since when does a “physical” and “loving relationship” with the ocean compare to a loving relationship with your spouse or husband? Seriously?

Hey! Don’t get me wrong! As a beach bum, I love the ocean, water, and sand just as much as the next person, probably more, but you have to admit this is REALLY over the top.

Leave it to liberals to have a marriage with an “inanimate” object. What’s next? Marrying a chair so you have more legs to stand on? I don’t know about you, but whatever they’re smoking these days in California…that is SOME ganja!


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