Mark Cuban on Trump as GOP Nominee: No One Escapes the Shark Tank

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Neil Cavuto had a chat with Mark Cuban last week about Donald Trump. It was an interesting discussion because Cuban brought up the fact that Trump is going to run a different campaign that has ever been run for president.

He called it “the Seinfeld campaign.” Basically, it will be a campaign about nothing. It’s a very interesting interview.

Cuban didn’t endorse Trump, he said he hadn’t made a decision. That’s not surprising, because he is a public figure; he really doesn’t need to take the heat one way or the other.

I think one of the most revealing comments was that “… If Hillary stays Hillary, I think it really hurts her and helps Donald.”

Hillary Clinton is probably the worst campaigner the Democrats have. She’s also the most vulnerable. Never in history has a presidential candidate faced a criminal indictment in the middle of a campaign. She’s going to be forced to respond to the FBI investigation over and over. It won’t be pretty, and I’m sure there’s going to be enough detail released so that she won’t be able to lie her way around it.

It’s going to be an interesting summer.

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