Man’s New Phone Has Something Horrid Found Inside…

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Imagine getting a brand new phone and instead of the usual pictures that are programmed to be inside, you find one as freaky as this.

The owner of the phone said that the woman had bruising and seemed as if she were asleep.

The creepiest part was what happened when he took it back to the store…


Others have been suggesting something far more gruesome – that she might actually be dead.
According to the man, the phone would not let him open up the picture to take a closer look.

He says he did not take the photograph and does not know how it could have got there.
A video explaining what happened was posted by YouTube star Julian Cavalero, from Mexico, and has since been viewed over three million times.

When he took it back to the store they couldn’t remove the picture. People’s guesses have ranged from the phone being hacked to the possibility that it was stolen and the picture remains in the icloud somewhere.


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