Man Identifies as Dog, Insists on Using Lady’s Fire Hydrant!

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I’m a dog lover but I didn’t make this up.  I’ve never, in ALL my years, been drunk enough to make something like this up.

We’ve been “trans’d” just about to death over the last year or so.  First, it was Bruce Jenner.  He’s been followed by a train of mentally ill people who’ve gotten their 15 minutes of fame from a trans-glorifying media. Now, in merry olde England – ferrie olde England? – we’ve got a whole new trans-craze.  Men who want to be dogs.

You’ll need a full-body latex or leather doggie outfit and lots of talc to get it on.  You’ll also need to be willing to spend a ton of money.  Our subject has spent over $5,000 on his “hobby.”

Tom – or Spot, as he prefers – loves to have balls thrown to him and he loves puppy treats.  He says he sometimes gets funny looks in the pet store when he finds a new, exciting chew toy.


To each his own, but if he lived in my house we’d do what we’ve done to all of our pooches.  Take him to the vet, have him neutered.  Tom would not like the result of humping Mrs. Curmudgeon’s leg.  Or mine either.

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