Juanita Broaddrick: “Hillary Clinton and NBC Tried Silencing Me After Rape By You Know Who”

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Some things, thankfully, just won’t go away. The one thing that isn’t going to go away from the lives of Bill and Hillary Clinton is Juanita Broaddrick and her charge that Bill Clinton raped her and Hillary Clinton tried to silence her.

That would be the same Hillary who sent out these tweets:

3 Hillary

3 Hillary tweet 2

Hypocrisy, your name is Hillary.

Now Broaddrick has revealed that during her interview with NBC’s Lisa Myers in 1999, when she told about a personal meeting with Hillary Clinton three weeks after Bill had raped her in 1978 where Hillary implied that Broaddrick had better keep her mouth shut.

Shortly after she made the accusation an NBC staffer stopped the filming and said that no allegations against Hillary would be included in the interview. NBC then went so far as to refill that portion of the interview.

NBC has shockingly refused comment on Broaddrick’s new accusations.

NBC withheld broadcast of the interview until the Senate had voted to acquit Bill Clinton in his impeachment. Not surprisingly NBC denies they deliberately withheld the broadcast and insisted there was no pressure from the White House.

Broaddrick, just weeks after the rape when she was still in shock, attended a Clinton fundraiser at a private home where she was directly approached by Hillary. Hillary looked at her and said “I just want you to know how much Bill and I appreciate the things you do for him. Do you understand? Everything you do.”

Broaddrick turned and walked away from Clinton and left the reception.

It’s an ugly story, but standard Clinton fare.

Hillary wants to be your president. And the Republican establishment doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

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